As part of Gatorade’s Super Bowl XLVIII experience, Mode Adjust created a presentation experience brought to life on a 9ft tall by 64ft wide screen. I aided in the project from concept through delivery. The size of the screen presented us with great opportunities to play with scale. We had moments of athletes on screen, life sized, standing next to the presenters; and other moments when graphics or athletes could utilize the whole 64ft width of the screen. The end result was a 40 minute long life sized  - and sometimes larger than life - presentation consisting of everything of live action, vfx, 3D and motion graphics, combined with interaction on the part of the presenters.
One of the moments were footage of athletes was featured life sized on the screen, with the presenters free to walk around in front of the screen and talk to differences in each sport.
Some behind the scenes images of the event and screen.
Behind the scenes images of the live action shoot.
3D concepts for a graphical portion of the piece.
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