For this partnership between Acer computers and Star Trek: Into Darkness, I acted as 3D director and led a small team at Mode Adjust to create all the 3D Acer device shots throughout the three spots. Kontent Partners aproached Mode Adjust with the project and handled creative direction, producing, editing,  and concept development. Myself and my team at Mode Adjust handled the 3D side of things, from modeling, animation, texturing/shading, lighting and rendering, to compositing and creation of the end title cards. Be sure to check out the breakdown video below, showcasing some of the process in creating the "Coming Soon" video.
Produced by Kontent Partners
Agency: Radarworks
Studio: Mode Adjust
Creative Director: Craig Brooks
Producer: Carrine Fisher
Editors: Nick Pezzillo and Andrew Franks
Concept Development: Steven Edwon
3D Director: Russell Hirtzel
Designers: McKay Marshall and Jamal Qutub
Below are some stills showing some wireframes of the devices as well as finished shots
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